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  • Paginas 1
  • Diseño individual No
  • Domain 1
  • E-Mail 3
  • Autoadministrable Si


  • Paginas 3
    • Diseño individual Si
    • Domain 1
    • E-mail 3
    • Autoadministrable Si
    • Formulario de Contacto Si


  • Paginas 6+
    • Diseño individual Si
    • Domain 1
    • E-mail 5
    • Autoadministrable Si
    • Formulario de Contacto Si
    • SEO Si
    • Diseño adaptable Si
    • Reportaje de ventas Si
    • Forma de pago Tarjetas Credito/Paypal/Transfer

Tu pagina web en nuestros manos


Explanation of the table content

This describes the actual time we need to create the website. We can create your website in 1 day.

We use professional designed templates in order to set-up your website much faster. The variety depends on the package you select.

  • Blog: You can select between 5 individual templates which. If you already have your own template, even better. We will set it up for you.
  • Business: You can select between 100.000 of different templates. We will suggest 3 which will be perfect for your business model, or we will provide you with a link where to find thousands of templates ideal for your business need.
  • Customized: We have our Programmers and Web Designer who are pleased to create your website from the scratch. We want to make sure that you get the web presence exactly like you want. Nothing is impossible and we like to help you with our creativity and our knowledge.

*All templates we use will be SEO optimized, with a clean HTML code.


Using slideshows or sliders within a web design is an effective method of highlighting your portfolio, projects, ecommerce products or even key site related messages and information.

  • Basic: This is a normal slider with max. 3 slides, you can select between 5 different sliders.
  • Business: The variety of the slider is unlimited, always depends on the template you select. Slides includes: unlimited, but we recommend to use max 5-7 slides.
  • Customized: You decide how your slider should be, 100% customized.

Modules: You will have the possibility select between various modules for your website. All packages have modules already included. The bigger the package the more modules are included, you select from the above which ones you will need. For example: A Module can be an online payment integration, a different language, an adaption of the font or a logo creation, what ever you want in order to customize your web presence even more. We charge any additional module.

  • Slider  (1 Module)  - additional cost: 25$
  • Font  (1 Module)  - additional cost: 25$
  • Background  (1 Module)  - additional cost: 25$
  • Plugins  (1 Module)  - additional cost: 25$
  • Social Media Icons  (1 Module)  - additional cost: 25$
  • Additional Page (when not included in the template, like "portfolio","pricing","contact",...  (1 Module)  - additional cost: 25$
  • SEO page set-up  (2 Module)  - additional cost: 50$
  • Google Adsense (2 Module)  - additional cost: 50$
  • Additional Language (2 Module)  - additional cost: 50$
  • Online payment system (2 Module)  - additional cost: 50$
  • Responsive Web Design (8 Module) - additional cost: 200$

We want you to be seen in the Search Engines, especially in Google. Therefore we use Search Engine Optimized (SEO) templates or we create SEO websites by ourselves. This will be the same for all packages we offer. If you wish to use Google Adwords we do this as well. See the price in the modules.

Responsive means your website adapts automatically to the layout of the device used. You want your website appear perfect on any smartphone or a tablet or the home computer, then we definitely recommend you a responsive web design.
Any website needs a domain, a unique name in order to find your web presence in the internet (like We help you to find the perfect name and set it up. You just have to pay the domain cost, we do not charge a fee if its included in the package, if not we charge 25$. Normally a domain begins from 5 $ per year, depends if the name is available or not. We recommend GODADDY.
In order for your website to be accessed and seen by people it must have a piece of virtual land in which to reside. Web servers can be thought of as the virtual land and through Web hosting is how you gain access to this land. We set-up the Host for you and we do not charge additionally. You just pay the Hosting cost, which will be around 3-6 dollars per month. We recommend BLUEHOST.